Friday, January 18, 2008

Yet another change: more on correlated equilibria

The questions around correlated equilibrium deserve more scrutiny than what I have presented last week. In tomorrow's lecture I will come back to them instead of moving on to team reasoning. The schedule for the last two meetings will thus look like this:

  1. Tuesday January 22nd. 11.30-13.30.
    More on correlated equilibrium
    • The Common Prior assumption: the probabilistic and the relational cases, examples, and discussion/motivations.
    • Aumann's theorem(s) : '87 and '05. Examples and discussion.

  2. Monday January 28th. 11.30-13.30
    • Presentations.
      For the presentations, your are expected to give a 10 to 15 min talk on either your survey paper or your personal contribution. If you have doubts or would need more references on the topic please contact me by email.
    • If time permits, I will say a few words about team reasoning.

I will post the notes about correlated equilibrium after tomorrow's lecture.

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